Leanne started her career studying the human body, illness and death as an embalmer/mortician and during this time realised that so many people were dying prematurely. This led Leanne to look into her own lifestyle believing that she was not functioning at her optimum health. Leanne had ailments such as severe migraines, a low immune system, ear and throat infections and chronic constipation.

At the time, Leanne was living in New York City and a friend introduced her to colonics. From here she started to implement fresh vegetable juicing and the philosophy of food combining into her daily diet to compliment her regular colonic treatments. After 2 years implementing these lifestyle changes, her health and wellbeing went through radical transformations. It was the physical and emotional consciousness that this lifestyle helped cultivate which inspired Leanne to become an accredited Colon Hydro Therapist.

It became clear to Leanne that she wanted to persue a life of ‘being’ the best version of herself. Having a passion for cleansing and colonics she decided to open her own holistic Wellness centres specialising in the ‘Woods Gravity Method of Colonic Irrigation’. Leanne founded her second Release Wellness Centre in Erskineville, Sydney. Release focuses on natural medicine, diet, digestion and the importance of cleansing.

“At Release we teach a way of life with great compassion & love, as I and each member of the team live & breath this lifestyle. We are on this journey too! Our lives have been so positively affected by this therapy we want to share it with others.” – Leanne


Ella’s passion for natural health and healing is one of the many factors that drove her to become a Colon Hydrotherapist. Ella was living a clean lifestyle for years but felt there was something missing. Being hungry for knowledge in all areas of wellness – particularly gut health, holistic nutrition and cleansing, Ella discovered colonics. Here she found a crucial piece of the puzzle in her healing.

Prior to commencing her journey to a healthier lifestyle, Ella had been faced with mental and physical health issues which forced her to revaluate her life. Ella grew up with an awareness of health but over the years had become so detached from herself and her body and was experiencing anxiety and depression, eating disorders, hormonal issues, major gut health issues and chronic fatigue.

Experiencing first-hand the profound healing of colonics, there was no hesitation for Ella when presented with the opportunity to become a Colon Therapist. Ella is passionate about supporting others to discover that their health is the most powerful tool and most worthwhile investment. Ella’s biggest desire is to connect with others on their journey and to support people to feel healthy and vibrant, as they deserve to be.


Billa began her health journey and love of helping people, over 14 years ago, becoming a Registered Pharmacist in 2009, graduating from The University Of Sydney. She has worked in Hospital, Medical Centres and Community Pharmacy. Her accreditations include Medication Management Reviews and further went on to study Diabetes Education, graduating at UTS in 2018. She has worked alongside General Practitioners and Specialists, providing holistic care and treatment options to patients to improve their quality of life. Billas’ focus, for her patients, has always been diet and lifestyle modifications first and foremost, de-prescribing where appropriate and the safe and quality use of medications and supplements when they are required. Her specialties include Diabetes Education and Gut Health.

In the Pharmacy, Billa was finding dozens of people a day, coming in for advice on gut problems, from constipation, loose bowels, bloating, cramping, food intolerance issues, to name a few and realized more had to be done to educate and help people investigate the cause of their symptoms rather than a temporary over the counter treatment option.

Billa was invited to the 2017 International Congress Of Natural Medicine, presented by Metagenics in the Hunter Valley. Here she met and was taught by world renowned pioneer, Professor Rob Knight on the Human Microbiome. An intense 2 day workshop where she learnt about the emerging role of the microbiome in health and disease, probiotics, dysbiosis and the future of medicine.

Having experienced gut health issues of her own, she discovered Colon Hydrotherapy over 10 years ago and has never looked back. She encourages all her patients and relies on regular colonics for her own gut health, as it has only provided her with amazing benefits. ‘Regular Colonics are one of the most important building blocks in caring for our mind, body and soul. Moving our body, our thoughts and the food we consume, all form part of our daily healing’.

Being trained by Leanne from ‘Release Wellness’ has given me a treatment option I can provide to the community, one I believe in and know first hand that improves quality of life. “Colonics have been around for thousands of years and I still believe they are the gateway in the future of health. My goal and passion is to help as many people I can, discover and reap the benefits of having a balanced gut microbiome for overall health.


Nicole has a strong passion for health, healing and balance in life. She is a joyful, kind, and passionate individual. Nicole has always been interested in the human body, health, and supporting the body in the detoxification process. When she first experienced the benefits of colon cleansing, she knew it was something that she needed to learn more about. As Nicole continued her colonic cleansing, she learned more about the body and how the food choices people make, as well as the state of their gut health, not only affects people physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually too.

Nicole’s own personal life experience has also provided motivation to follow a career path within this field. As an adolescent she had frequent and consistent gut health issues, she realised truth in the literature that stated the gut as the human body’s second brain. Nicole is a Certified Yoga Teacher and a Certified Practitioner of Positive Psychology. Cleansing the colon with water is an ancient yogic technique and is considered to be amongst the most important bodily cleansing

Nicole strongly believes that colonics are a part of a lifestyle change or personal health routine. She acknowledges that our body is an instrument and how it feels affects how we relate to the world. Emotions are held in tissues of the body, especially the gut, and colon cleansing provides an alternative approach to alleviating symptoms and blockages in the body.

Nicole is passionate about educating and guiding her clients through their cleansing at a cellular level to achieve vibrant health, emotional balance, and mental clarity. To radiate health and vitality on the outside we must first focus within. It is her joy to guide, inform and support her clients at every step of the way.


Domenica began her healing journey after being in the healthcare industry for a number of years and feeling her own health was being neglected. After having a calling to heal the body within for a while she couldn’t ignore it anymore. She came to her first colonic appointment here at Release Wellness Centre. After leaving that appointment Domenica felt a shift within herself, an energetic shift she hadn’t experienced before. She realised that this method of detoxification was much more than just a form of elimination of toxic waste, it was also a shift of emotional energy within the body.

Domenica knew she was on the right path towards her health journey and that colonics would always be a part of her life since that day.
Realising that health begins within, she has become heavily invested in helping people heal themselves from the inside out. Domenica began studying the benefits of yoga and the positive effects breath and movement have on the body. She completed yoga teacher training as her passion for overall health and wellness continued to evolve. Body movement of any form and attention to the breath has a great benefit to the body physically, mentally and emotionally. It helps us to connect to deeper parts of ourselves and aids in healing our body with the awareness it brings.

Domenica became so passionate about the benefits of the Woods Gravity Method colonic that she completed training with Leanne and is now a therapist here at Release Wellness Centre, the place that sparked something within and has changed her life for the better. She believes that colonics have a place in everyones life whether it is to aid in healing a particular health problem or for general health and well-being. When we have a strong foundation in our health everything else flows.


Amanda’s quest for knowledge about mind body connection and gut health started her journey to the world of colonic hydrotherapy many years ago but she has only reconnected with this again recently.

She has never had a healthy relationship with food, and although it has been something she has had to focus on all her life, often the focus wasn’t wholesome or beneficial long term. Having a late coeliac diagnosis left some doubt about how well mainstream medicine manages alternate ways of being, which led to resourcing complementary methods for treating her gut issues.

After spending some time being immersed in eating clean, building lean muscle and being super active, Amanda became disillusioned when she wasn’t seeing the results she’d envisaged and was striving so hard to attain. She came to realise she had unrealistic expectations around body image, and a continued sense of failure to look a certain way was becoming not only detrimental to her physical health but was having an enormous impact on her mental health.

Whilst trying to get a clearer focus and reclaim her health and realign her health goals, she decided to revisit colonic hydrotherapy and has now incorporated them weekly in her health regime. Amanda believes having regular colonics has provided many benefits including mental clarity and a renewed level of energy, but most importantly comfort in managing unpredictable bowels.

Amanda is passionate about holistic health and her desire to be the best version of herself is enormously important to her. She truly believes that including colonics in her health portfolio has changed her life and she is dedicated to remaining true to this ethos. She has no doubt that mind-gut connection is paramount to sustained health and happiness.


Training with Leanne at Release Wellness means she is now able to share her passion with others which she feels is a true blessing. Being able to share this wonderful health benefit with others is something she feels beyond honoured to do. Amanda believes that a holistic, nurturing approach to our wellbeing fits perfectly with colonic hydrotherapy and wants to consciously empower and enlighten as many people as she can.


As Hippocrates said over 2000 years ago “All disease starts in the gut,” and so too does all health.

Tuyet has a self-professed love affair with a healthy lifestyle and diet. One of the healthy lifestyle practices she has implemented into her routine is taking regular colonics. This journey has changed her life!

Having been through a turbulent stage in her life brought on mental and physical issues, and taking regular colonics has helped her immensely, with Tuyet stating that it has saved her life.

Being treated with regular colonics during struggles with mental health not only helped get her physical health back in order, but also helped to clear her mind and release all the toxins and negative thoughts. The practice of colonics has supported her emotionally and physically to recover from the downturn, helping her decide to share the benefits of colon hydrotherapy with others.

Tuyet has been trained to operate both gravity and machine methods which help her to approach the next level of colon hydrotherapy.

Tuyet is passionate about helping people with their walk towards their own health journey and looks forward to sharing her gut health experiences with all her clients.


Radmila has always been passionate about living an active lifestyle and becoming the best version of herself. Her love for holistic health began when she worked as Town Planner. She felt so run-down on every level and needed to change something. She started with appreciating the importance of fuelling her body with real, wholesome foods and nourishing it from the inside out. By taking back control of her health, her self-awareness grew and she noticed the positive mental, physical and emotional effects of investing in herself and her health. She was committed to learning more ways to live and feel better. This inspired her to become a certified Health Coach so she could empower those around her with knowledge and tools to nurture their own mind and body.

She experienced digestive issues and eczema for many years. She had little understanding of nutrition and didn’t focus on the quality of the food she ate. By adopting clean eating habits, along with other healthy practices overtime she managed her symptoms, she felt in tune with her body, and eventually learned about the gut-brain connection. This expansion of knowledge included becoming aware of toxins in food and everyday products. Health became more than just the absence of disease – it is a way of life.

Becoming a Therapist at Release has been the most rewarding experience in her journey. After she introduced weekly colonics to her own lifestyle she noticed significant improvements in her mind and body. This therapy now plays a huge role in maintaining her overall health. It felt perfectly right to transition into the rooms as a Therapist and support clients one on one.

Radmila believes our health is our wealth, and we all have the power within to practice self love and self care to heal and love ourselves every day. With her health coaching background, Radmila offers guidance and connects with her clients to create a safe and loving space in hopes of inspiring them to continue to invest in their health and wellness for life.

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