Colon Hydrotherapy

We use the Wood’s Gravity-Centred Colonic method. This means the water enters the intestine from a source that is located above your body, allowing the water to flow in and out without any means of motors or pumps. The natural peristaltic motion of the colon is prompted once the water enters the organ. This is the most effective method for removing toxic matter while also strengthening your colon. A highly trained therapist administers the treatment, guiding you through the experience while using pressure points and gentle massage.

When accumulated waste and toxic matter are removed from your body, its overall function significantly improves along with its ability to heal. We take a holistic approach to your health; also offering customised dietary guidance to help you adopt a cleansing lifestyle. The treatment will last 45 – 60 minutes.

Infrared Sauna

While conventional saunas penetrate just below the surface of the skin, infrared technology penetrates 1.5 inches into the tissues of the body resulting in the most thorough detoxification. Within 10-15 minutes you will begin to sweat from every pore of the body, cleansing from deep within. The sauna heat raises the internal temperature of the body to a safe but effective point, triggering the lymph system and allowing the body to detoxify from heavy metals and chemicals. Often those who can’t tolerate traditional saunas will find the infrared more comfortable and gentle as it will allow your body to produce more sweat, loaded with more toxins at a lower heat.

Our infrared sauna has customised programs available for different health goals. The sauna is in a private room with a shower facility available to rinse yourself after your session. Clean towels are provided. We recommend bringing your own bottle of water to replenish your fluids for during and after your session.

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